The Twelve Days of Christmas

The book is 4" x 4" and is by Making Memories. The pages were white until I had at them with acrylic paint!

All "twelve days" stamps used in the book are by Claudia Rose. I purchased them as a set, but they can also be had individually. You can get them unmounted for 50% off of the mounted price! I was glad I had the unmounted ones as using them on acrylic blocks made it much easier to position the stamp.

page picture notes
cover I painted the border around the title with acrylic paint. The thing I love about acrylic paint is how you can add a dark color over top of another dark color -- it is hard to do this with ink unless you emboss. Paints used are cranberry and evergreen by Making Memories.
1 I used Prismacolor pencils to color all the images in the book.
2-3 I love the "turtle doves"!
4-5 The polka dot stamp is by Magenta -- I "inked" it with cranberry acrylic paint -- I put the paint on the stamp with a foam brush. The gold paint is by Plaid. One of the reasons I convinced myself to get this set is that I used the "calling birds" stamp to make cards with our cell phone number on them when we first got our cell phones!
6-7 An alternate use for the "goose-a-laying" stamp is to tell someone to "get some rest"!
8-9 Lots of masking going on here...
10-11 Even MORE masking going on here...I also had to make the font smaller!
12 STILL MORE masking going on here...and I had to make the font really really small!

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