Ride for the Roses - Oct 17, 2004

I have to tell you how moved I was by the whole day. There were lots of people with survivor tags, lots of people with "In Memory of" tags, and lots of "In Honor of" tags. I had an "In Honor of tag" for my friend Agnes, which I'll be sending to her soon! I got a little teary at the start when I saw two young boys with survivor tags on -- they must have been all of ten years old. And I cried a little at the end thinking of my grandma and Jason's grandpa who died from cancer. I felt humbled and honored to be riding with everyone. And we all raised 5.5 million dollars for the LAF! WOW! That just has to do some good. Thanks again to everyone who sponsored me!

And now some notes about The Ride! It started off with Lance speaking to the 6,500 riders. Sheryl Crow sang The Star Spangled Banner, Robin Williams cracked us all up, and Will Ferrell cracked us up too doing Bush impressions! Then we were off! I don't know how long it took all the riders to leave the Expo Center, but it sure seemed to be a while! We were in the last lane to leave. The first 9 miles or so was a steady stream of cyclists! The going was a little dicey at times. We were planning on doing the 25 mile route, but after the wave stopped at the first rest area the line thinned out some so we decided to skip the rest stop and go for the 40!

I'm sure glad we decided to go for the 40 because we got to see Lance! We were at the 20 mile rest stop when this flurry of photographers showed up. We were wondering what was going on...I figured this was a good time to get off to the side and have my camera ready, and it's a good thing I did! I saw Lance! There was a moment where my brain went "wow, that's Lance, and I'm only 10 feet away from him, dang look at those legs...hey you better take the pic!" Robin Williams was riding with him too but I didn't get his pic...I did get Bob Roll though!

Lance didn't stay too long at the rest stop and pretty soon he was blazing down the road again, so we took off too. We were riding along and then on the other side of the road came a lone rider towards us ...my brain froze up again and I told Jason "that's Lance!". So we both gave him big smiles and he nodded to us! How cool is that?

We were floating along after that...until...the winds started kicking up! A few gusts made me feel like I was being blown off my bike! Head winds and cross winds are no fun. Later on a friend told me that she heard there were 21 mph gusts. Note that the day started out cool and really cloudy with few drops of rain! I think it was in the low 90's when we finished the ride. So the old saying about if you don't like Texas weather, just wait an hour is true!

Then it was on to the finish! One lane was for cancer survivors and the other was for everyone else. The cancer survivors got yellow roses.

Ride Stats

One thing's for sure, next time I ride this far I'd like to be doing it on a road bike!


At the Start
That's Lance on the Big Screen!
Rest stop at mile 20
There was a flurry of photographers, and then next thing we saw was...
In the yellow and black LiveStrong jersey, with Bob Roll behind him.
Lance was moving too fast to get many pics...
this one is of his back!
Bob Roll
In the gray Postal jersey. Leaves the crowd to Lance!
Is Bob Roll checking out
Jason's Treo phone?
The finish!
Ta da!!!!
After ride party!
There was food and drink galore!
Jason and I
We made it!
Under a blue Texas sky
Jason and
his trusty steed!
Lisa and hers!
More scenes from
the after ride party!
The end!
Until next time...

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